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Inkjet and Laser Cartridges for these brands:

Fundraising Opportunities

We buy empty cartridges! Bring us your HP, Lexmark, and Dell cartridges (see complete list below). There is no minimum on the number of cartridges you bring in.

Raising funds has never been easier! Turn trash into cash by earning money for your organization/school when you contact Paradise Ink. Participating in a fundraising program can help your organization to:
*Earn money. The more cartridges you collect, the more money you get!
*Teach your organization about the importance of recycling and conservation.

The following is a list of the brand and model numbers we will buy:

We buy Empty cartridges - Virgin Only Empties

We buy the following Lexmark cartridges





We buy the following HP cartridges

HP 17
HP 22
HP 28
HP 57
HP 60XL Black
HP 60 / 60XL Color

HP 61XL Black -
(new version)
dated 4/01/14 or after
HP 61 / 61XL Color - (new version)
dated 4/01/14 or after
HP 78
HP 93


We buy the following Canon cartridges

CL- 31
CL- 41
PG- 210 / 210XL
CL- 211 / 211XL
PG- 240 / 240XL / 240XXL
CL- 241
PG- 245
CL- 246


We reserve the right to refuse any cartridge

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