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Printer/Cartridge Care

Printer Care
It is recommended to leave a minimum of 6 inches of open space in the back and on both sides of your printer. Leave 12 inches open space above your computer.
Keep desk area clean. Dust, crumbs, animal hair, and airborne particulates end up in printers. 
Keep the printer level.(front to back, and side to side)

Cleaning for Laser printers:
Open cover and remove cartridge. Place cartridge out of direct sunlight.
Spray cloth with water until slightly moist.
Wipe down with cloth; remove toner from jams, remove random toner deposits, remove paper dust, and look for any foreign items like paper clips, etc.

Open the rear door. Using compressed air (held 6 inches from surfaces), blow out any dust or debris. Use compressed air to clean the printer, because electrically powered cleaning devices can cause static electricity that can damage the printer's circuit boards.

You can wipe off the cartridge exterior (wipe gently), but DO NOT clean the drum, DO NOT clean the microchip, and DO NOT try to clean the inside of the cartridge.

Do not leave cartridges unprotected. Light can destroy a cartridge. Light enters through large and small spaces and will damage the OPC drum.

A Note about textured paper - It looks pretty, but acts like sandpaper in your printer. It flakes litter inside, abrades rollers, and destroys drums.

Toner Cartridge Care
Toner cartridges are manufactured well and taking care is mostly a matter of not physically damaging the frame. Problems can arise because they are made of plastics, and since printers generate heat and may eventually lead to the most common malfunction - leaks.

Cleaning for Ink Jet Printers:
The well, or the area below where the print cartridges rest in the printer can become full and actually overflow. Once a month open the lid of the printer allowing the print cartridges to move into the middle and sop up any excess ink with a paper towel to avoid problems.

Ink Jet Cartridge Care
The best thing to do for an inkjet cartridge is to never allow it to run 100% dry. Turning off your printer when not in use, helps prevent drying of ink in the print nozzles. There is a 'capping' mechanism that seals the print head from outside air when it's turned off. For the capping mechanism to fully engage, use the on/off power switch on the printer and not by turning off through a power strip.

Handle ink jet cartridges properly when replacing them. The nozzles covered by the protective tape and clips are easily damaged by touch, which ruins print quality.









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